Baba+Boo reusable nappies. Advice on getting started with reusable nappies.

What are reusable nappies?

Some people may remember old cloth nappies from the 1960’s or even earlier, which were squares of fabric folded and fixed with a safety pin. They were bulky, leaky and time consuming to wash and dry. Thankfully things have moved on a bit since then!


Modern cloth or reusable nappies come in a variety of prints, patterns and materials including cotton, bamboo, micro-fiber and hemp. They are much more convenient and practical than the older versions, which has led to a steep rise in the number of parents using them. 


Reusable nappies come in various options depending on the brand you look at:


All in One - does what it says on the tin, everything is included and sewn into the nappy. There is nothing to remove or add when washing or putting on your baby; the cloth version of a disposable nappy. This is the most expensive option in the cloth nappy range.


All in Two - Halfway between an All in One and Pocket nappy. The absorbent insert poppers into the wrap, and can be up-poppered for fast drying. 

Pocket nappy - Similar to the above but with a ‘pocket’ at the back of the nappy to stuff inserts or boosters in, these control the absorbency. You can add more or less depending on how much you need - start with one and add a second if the nappy is leaking quickly (check fitting is correct first). 


Two Part or Fitted nappy- this is where the nappy and waterproof wrap are separate. At nappy changes you would just change the nappy each time and use the wrap for multiple changes unless dirty. This is the cheaper option for reusable nappies as you can use less wraps than nappies.