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What are Pocket Nappies?

So you've heard of reusable nappies, but what exactly are pocket nappies?

With so many cloth nappy styles on the market now it can be hugely confusing when starting out to understand what they all mean.

A pocket nappy is a type of cloth nappy with a pocket (or opening) at the back of the nappy where you stuff boosters inside to add absorbency. Younger babies will only need one booster (or insert) and you can increase this as your baby gets older. One of the main advantages of pocket nappies is that you can customise the boosters to suit your child. Note: a booster is a flat strip of material that you add into a pocket nappy to absorb the wee.

You can also use different boosters, there are a range of materials available with varying levels of absorbency and drying times (bamboo, hemp, microfiber etc) which we will do another post on entirely!

The pocket nappy itself is made of an outer shell of PUL attached to a non-absorbent fleece inner, which is super soft next to your baby's skin. This is not the same as a wrap in a two part system (just to confuse things!) which is just the PUL layer.

When changing a baby with a pocket nappy you change the entire nappy every time.

Pocket nappies are a great halfway between an all in one and two part system. They tend to provide more absorbency than all in ones,as you can increase capacity, and dry faster as you can take the inserts out. These are great to pack pre-stuffed in the changing bag when out and about or if grandparents/friends are babysitting, as they tend to be simpler to use than two part systems. If drying time or space is an issue, pockets are a great solution.

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