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Here at Project Eco we have a wonderful team of brand reps that help support our business across their social platforms. Today I wanted to introduce Frith, one of our longest serving brand reps by sharing a little of her bio with you all.

Frith has recently been featured in Cloth Nappy Geek's latest podcast episode talking about her experience using cloth nappies over the last six years.

Read Frith's story here -

My name is Frith and I live in the Scottish Highlands with my husband and three amazing children, who are 6, 4 and 1 years old.

I started using cloth nappies and wipes when my eldest was 10 weeks old and by 12 weeks he was in them full time. I then used cloth on both my younger children from birth.

To be honest when I started my main motivation was financial, as I wasn’t overly eco conscious, but it was a factor- that along with the fact that cloth is kinder on a baby’s skin and the nappies are so pretty.

However, after using cloth for a while I realised the important environmental impact of not using disposables was having and that then spread to many other aspects of how my family lives. We’ve reduced the household plastic waste by making eco swops in toiletries, cleaning products and I’ve switched to reusable period products.

For anyone thinking of using cloth nappies I would say to not be put off by all the detail. There is so much advice out there, it can be a little overwhelming. It’s easy really, and the joy they bring will make up for that extra load of washing every few days. And if you do need any advice then Laura at Project Eco is always available to help along with myself or any other of her brand reps.

We're so proud to have Frith as part of the team. Check out @FoxinCloth on Instagram for weekly nappy reviews and inspiration on sustainable eco swaps, and check out the podcast episode!

Laura x

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