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Cloth Nappy Myths

With all the information in the world at your fingers tips now on the internet, we thought it would be useful to talk about and breakdown some of the myths you may hear about cloth nappies. Here are the top five we have heard -

1. They are a lot of work

I think when some people picture using cloth nappies they picture a lot of time spent washing, drying and just generally using them. Yes they do take up a small amount of extra time but once you get into a wash routine I can assure you it's no more work than washing your clothes is. You also never have to worry about running out or having the wrong size of nappy as with disposables, and having to rush out to the shops. The same is true for reusable wipes of course!

2. They leak

Nappies (cloth or disposable) will mainly leak for one of two reasons - either they aren't fitted correctly or have reached their maximum capacity. Disposable nappies have one fitting method - around the waist, there is no option to adjust the fit around the legs or to change the height without buying a different size. I find cloth nappies so adaptable as you can change the fit of almost every aspect (height, width, leg size etc) to fit your little one, making them great for using on multiple babies, and using from birth to potty. Cloth nappies can also be boosted (extra inserts added) to make them more absorbent for heavy wetters or for night time use. If you are struggling with leaks, contact us for a fit check or to discuss other options to get your cloth nappies working for you.

3. They need soaking

The old style of cloth nappies required soaking in a bucket before being washed. Modern cloth nappies do not require this method of cleaning and most people dry pail their nappies in a nappy bucket, lined with a mesh bag to make transfers to the washing machine easy! You can also store you used nappies in a wet bag which does the same job as a bucket.

4. They cost a fortune

The up-front cost of cloth nappies is a huge barrier that prevents some people from even considering cloth. Yet we always encourage parents to think of the long time cost, over your child's nappy wearing lifetime. Yes a £5 pack of disposable nappies compared to one £16 cloth nappy does make cloth nappies sound expensive but consider this - Your baby will use 4,000-6,000 disposable nappies by the time they are potty trained costing on average £700 - £1,000 per child depending on the brand you buy. In comparison the average cloth nappy set up would cost £300-£450 and last the full 3 years, and for 2-3 children.  That's a £250 - £700 saving - big money right?!

5. They are complicated to understand

Don't let all the confusing terms on the internet baffle you. We like to keep things simple at Project Eco, check out our simple overview of cloth nappy types here.

We hope our quick run down of these top five cloth nappy myths will help you get started on your cloth nappy journey. What other myths have you heard? We'd love to know!

Thanks for reading

Laura x

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