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Cloth Nappy Drying Tips for Autumn

As autumn sets in we are extremely grateful for sunny mornings like today but the colder temperatures do make drying nappies indoors extra tricky!

Here are our top five tips for drying nappies in the colder months.

1. Dry higher - Heat rises so as the wet weather forces us to dry inside, get your nappies high up in the house. Airing cupboards are great, landings and bedrooms. Radiator dryers and sock hangers are useful for hanging boosters on and hooking over doors.

2. Use the weather - Autumn doesn't mean you have to dry everything inside. As long as it's not wet outside (or freezing) your nappies can still get some drying time. A good breeze is the main thing, a cold windy day can still get your nappies dry (and smelling fresh!).

Tickle Tots reusable cloth nappy drying outside

3. Let the breeze in - If you are drying inside, make sure your space is well ventilated. Put the nappies near an open window, the fresh air will dry them faster. 

4. Loose the humidity - If you can, invest in a dehumidifier. They are brilliant for drawing moisture out of the air, stand it next to where your nappies are hanging to shorten your drying time. 

5. Lastly, time your washes - Stick a load of nappies on to wash in the evening and hang them up before you go to bed. They will be well on their way to being dry by the time you wake up in the morning.

We never recommend drying directly on radiators as this can damage natural fibers (bamboo boosters for example), and if you need to tumble dry do so on a low heat only.

We hope these tips work for you, and help to keep cloth nappies simple! If you have any questions as always, do get in touch.

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