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how do i use them?

These instructions relate to the Baba + Boo's pocket nappy but would also work for other poppered nappies - 


  • First adjust the poppers running vertically on the front of the nappy to the correct size for your child. Have the poppers fully open for an older toddler, or snapped right down to the smallest size for a young baby by fastening the top to the bottom vertical popper. If in doubt start with the smallest fit and adjust up as needed. 

  • Next, add your inserts. Use one for a younger baby, or two for an older baby/toddler to increase the absorbency. 

  • Lie your baby on the open nappy, positioning the back of the nappy slightly lower than you would a disposable. A reusable nappy sits lower on the back compared to a disposable.

  • Pinch the nappy around the elastic leg gussets and fit into your baby’s leg creases.

  • Smooth the front of the nappy over your baby’s tummy, grab one of the side tabs and lift up above the nappy and back down to fasten either the poppers (one size) or velcro (newborn). Don’t worry if there is a gap around the waist; this is fine. With a popper nappy there will be two rows of poppers to fasten. The top row controls how tight it is around your baby’s waist, and the bottom row controls how tight the nappy is around each leg.

  • Once fastened check the nappy is fitted around the baby's legs with no gaping holes. If there are any holes, see if you can rectify this by pulling the back of the nappy up slightly, or re-fastening the poppers/velcro accordingly. If all else fails, start from scratch. The first few times you do this it will take longer than normal until you get a good fit for your baby and it becomes a habit. 

  • If you are confident the fit is right but are still getting leaks, check that you pre-washed the nappies (2 or 3 washes before first use), and are using enough inserts. If you are getting leaks with only one insert, then add the second. 


If you are still having problems please feel free to contact us for help and advice.