Clothes Line

how do i wash them?

If you can do laundry you can wash cloth nappies. Modern reusable cloth nappies do not require any pre-soaking, you store the nappies in their nappy bucket without adding anything to them but make sure to wash them every 2-3 days. If you wait longer than 3 days the dirty nappies will start to damage the fabric over time.


Transferring the mesh bag of dirty nappies to the washing machine, we always recommend putting them on a rinse only cycle first to wash away all the urine. Modern washing machines are designed to be economical on water, reusable nappies need a lot of water to get them fully clean and the extra rinse helps with this.


The put the nappies on your machine's longest cycle, normally the cotton setting, on 40 degree (60 if your baby is under 3 months or has been unwell). Don't add any fabric softener as this creates a water repellent barrier on the nappies, making them less absorbent. If you do accidentally use fabric softener don't panic, just wash them again without it and the damage will be undone. 


We recommend non-biological washing powder for washing reusable nappies in, you do not need any special nappy washing powder. Once washed hang them up to dry, ideally outside or on a clothes airer inside though they can be tumble dried on a low heat if needed.