Baby Room

what do i need to get started?

15-20 reusable nappies if using cloth full time (you don’t need to buy these all at once you can start with a few and grow from there)

2 large nappy storage bags or 1 bucket - to store your dirty nappies in until wash day. If using a bucket you will need two mesh bags to line these with for transferring nappies to the washing machine

A medium wet bag for storing your nappies in when out and about

Boosters / inserts - to increase the absorbency of the nappy overnight or for heavy wetter's

Non bio washing powder - you do not need a special washing powder to wash reusable nappies, standard non bio powder can be used

Somewhere to dry the nappies - outside, an airer, the backs of chairs, anywhere where you would dry clothes. You can tumble dry on a low heat if you have no drying options. 



Vest extenders for fastening vests over the nappy (saves you going up a size in vests and makes them last much longer)

At least 20 reusable wipes (if wanting to switch to reusable wipes also, it is an easy switch to start with and very easy to use with cloth nappies)

Disposable or fleece liners - to make changing soiled nappies easier once weaning has started

If you have any questions or want to chat this through with us please do get in touch