what do i need to get started?

  • 15-20 reusable nappies if using cloth full time (you don’t need to buy these all at once you can start with a few and grow from there)

  • 1 nappy bucket - to store your dirty nappies in until wash day

  • 2 mesh bags - to line to nappy bucket with and transfer dirty nappies to the washing machine

  • At least 20 reusable wipes (if wanting to switch to reusable wipes also, it is an easy switch to start with and very easy to use with cloth nappies)

  • Your normal washing powder - you do not need a special washing powder to wash reusable nappies

  • Somewhere to dry the nappies - outside, an airer, the backs of chairs, anywhere really where you would dry clothes. You can tumble dry on a low heat if you have no drying options. 



  • A wet bag for storing your nappies in when out and about

  • Vest extenders for fastening vests over the nappy (saves you going up a size in vests and makes them last much longer)

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